This week I’m sharing a coral beauty photoshoot from a shoot a few months ago!

Cassie Carlson – a talented photographer who I graduated with from BYU’s photo program – invited me to create a beauty photoshoot with her. I always love collaborating and connect with people in the industry, so of course I said yes! We put together a couple simple looks and concepts, and made magic happen.

Here are a few images from our shoot!

coral beauty photoshoot pink beauty photoshoot earth harbor

Even though this shoot was mainly for fun, I incorporated a few products for Earth Harbor (one of my clients). The soft pink hues were perfect for their facial spray “Tidal Rose!”

coral beauty photoshoot pink beauty photoshoot earth harbor

The pink also complimented the bright green of the jade roller. Green and red are complimentary colors, so the pink helps the green jade roller pop a little bit!

coral beauty photoshoot pink beauty photoshoot earth harbor

It’s always fun to play with the natural shapes and beauty of florals and palms. The green lines in this palm frond created interesting shapes against the model’s skin and the pink background.

coral beauty photoshoot pink beauty photoshoot earth harbor

The bright yellows in this image created such a fun pop of color, along with the model’s lipstick!

Professional photography is crucial to every business. Attractive imagery can help you build a stronger brand, create trust with your audience, and connect with them in a personal way. Product photography is essential for showing what your product is. This can range from simple images on a white background, to elaborate sets with props and colorful backgrounds. Lifestyle photography connects your brand with your customer, and helps them see how it will add value to their life. This can include images of your product being used in a natural environment – such as being worn or used by a model. Portraits are important because they personalize you and your brand. People want to know who you are.

This is one of my favorite images from the shoot. The earrings are from Bohme Boutique.

In this last shot with the models together, I used the palm leaves to frame both models.


I hope you enjoyed viewing the images and hearing more about this shoot! It goes to show that photoshoots don’t have to be a huge affair – simple makeup, props, and a background can make a big difference.

To see more of my beauty photography, check out my portfolio – just click here!

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